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A. Aiudi & Sons offers a variety of concrete and aggregate products. We will custom design our concrete to meet your job specifications and aggregates are available in Plainville and Windham.

Standard concrete mixes
Connecticut D.O.T. Mixes
Super Performance Mixes
Concrete Additives
Concrete Coloring Systems
Interlocking Blocks / Recessed Hooks
Decorative Interlocking Blocks / Recessed Hooks

Standard Concrete Mixes

Standard concrete mixes come in a variety of strengths or pounds per square inch(psi). The mix used will depend upon the type of project or the parameters your architect or engineer has specified.

Connecticut D.O.T. Mixes

Connecticut D.O.T. Mixes are prepared according to the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation specifications.

Super Performance Mixes

Super performances mixes are specially formulated for ease of use and enhanced performance.

HomescapingTM concrete was designed for the residential customer placing their own concrete. The characteristics of Homescaping concrete are ease of placement, workability and extended finishing time.

WintercreteTM was designed for the contractor placing concrete in cold weather. This mix allows the contractor to work in low temperatures, it reduces the threat of damage from freezing and has faster setting times.

SummercreteTM is for the concrete contractor working in hot weather. This will allow the contractor to place concrete at a normal pace and still have plenty of time for proper finishing. It will reduce the chances of flash setting, plastic shrinkage cracking and damage from overworking.

Summercrete PlusTM has all the characteristics of Summercrete with the added ability to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking, increase durability and reinforce the concrete.

Concrete Additives

Concrete additives are materials added to the concrete to achieve various characteristics and properties in the concrete.

Accelerating Admixtures are used to accelerate set time and strength development of concrete at an early age. They are most commonly used in cold temperatures where rapid strength development is desired to reduce the damaging effects of freezing temperatures. **Accelerators are not antifreeze agents**

High Early Accelerators are used when increased set time is desired. High Early should not be used in the presence of steel reinforcement or aluminum since chlorides are present and corrision may occur.

Non Chloride Accelerators are used when accelerated set time and increased early and ultimate strengths are desired. May be used in concrete where chlorides are not recommended such as, concrete with reinforcing steel or aluminum.

Super Plasticizer is a high range water reducer that will turn normal slump concrete to high slump concrete. Super plasticizers are used in hard to reach areas, heavily reinforced areas, thin placement sections or in areas where conventional consolidation cannot be used.

Retarder is used to delay the initial set of concrete. This product is useful in hot temperatures or with special finishing processes such as exposed aggregate.

Fiber is a secondary reinforcement material that is put into the concrete mix. Fibers will help to reduce shrinkage cracks and provide greater surface durability.

Heated concrete is the use of hot water in the concrete mix during cold weather. Heat is used from November 15th through April 15th weather depending.

Wait time is a charge levied when the concrete truck is held on a job for more than one hour.

Saturday delivery is a charge levied for concrete deliveries on Saturday.

Minimum load is a charge levied for delivering concrete under the minimum delivery amount of four cubic yards.

Concrete coloring systems

Concrete coloring systems are the different ways concrete may be colored.

Chromix® Admixtures are colored, water reducing, set-controlling admixtures for horizontal or vertical concrete by the L.M. Scofied Co. Chromix® Admixtures color the concrete integrally and come in an array of colors.

Lithochrome® Color Hardner is a dry shake color or uncolored hardner by the L.M. Scofield Co. Hardner is used on the surface of fresh concrete and will produce hard and abrasion resistant concrete. Lithochome® Color Hardner comes in a variety of colors.

Lithochrome® Antiquing Release is a powdered, colored, bond breaker used when imprinting with mat-type concrete texturing tools or rollers to create antiqued effects with variegated colors. Lithochome® Antiquing Release is available in a variety of colors.

Lithochrome® ChemstainTM is a penetrating stain that chemically reacts with cured concrete to form variegated or translucent color effects. Lithochrome® Chemstain™ is available in several colors.

Cemetone® Clear Sealer is a water based sealer used to protect colored or uncolored, interior or exterior concrete.

ScofieldTM CuresealTM is a water based clear curing compound and sealer for freshly placed colored or uncolored concrete. It provides a durable finish for protecting interior or exterior concrete flatwork. ScofieldTM CuresealTM is available in a semi gloss or gloss.

Reprinted with the permission of the L.M. Scofield Company


Process, Screenings, 3/8" trap rock, concrete blocks and fill are available in Plainville. Sand and Gravel products are available in Windham.






Interlocking Blocks / Recessed Hooks

Available in four sizes:
6x3x3 - 8000 lbs. | 3x3x3 - 4000 lbs.
6x2x2 - 3500 lbs. | 3x2x2 - 2000 lbs.








Decorative Interlocking Blocks / Recessed Hooks

Available in one size:
6x2x2 - 3700 lbs.